Ideas For Promoting Your Catering Business – Beyond Advertisements

You might be a great home cook or thinking of running a business. In fact, the art of cooking is one way of capturing many hearts of loved ones and customers. However, if you were running a catering business, placing colourful dishes on the table wouldn’t do. That is, you need to promote the business in order to make a change and grow the establishment. So, this is where marketing comes into play and some may simply resort to traditional methods. These methods include flyers, information sheets, word or mouth, television commercials, etc. However, in this competitive industry, you need to think beyond these methods of raising more income. Moreover, you need to think about attracting more customers to the company.

So what are the other ways that you could do to attract more customers to your business? How do you get the word out on the streets about your service? You need to give a good thought to it, in order to come to a good conclusion. With that said, if you need some ideas, this article might come in handy. Here are some ways to promote the venture beyond advertisements:

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  • Cooking classes

One of the best techniques that topmost Dubai catering companies practice to promote the business is by conducting cooking classes. In fact, you might think what kind of an idea this is but you’d be able to see the results in no time. Offering cookery classes in various communities is a great way of establishing a good customer base. Through this you could find centers equipped with kitchens to follow lessons.

  • Food stalls

On the other hand, there are many other ways for grabbing the attention of the customers through food stalls. That is, you could open up a small event with different stalls of foods the company is trying to make. Get the public to taste and leave their comments. You could charge a small entrance fee from them to enjoy a few stalls with different types of foods.

  • Opening a stall at events


 Alternatively, there have been many top catering companies that started the company with a stall. Therefore, if there’s a carnival, gathering, etc. you could reserve a stall. As hungry kids and adults would definitely remember the company name provided that you serve unique dishes in wonderful presentations.


As a caterer apart from using your skills on food, you should also make sure that you grab the attention of the right crowd. Therefore, you should make sure that you think creatively to promote the name of the company. As a fact, you would get noticed more often. With that said, put your cooking skills into practice in different novel ways to promote the company.

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