Keeping The Tooth And Getting Rid Of The Pain

In the old days, when a tooth kept on hurting when you start chewing or when you applied pressure on the tooth, you would go to the dentist. At most of these times, the dentist would find that the inside of your tooth had decayed and the tooth had started to discolour. His choice would be removing the tooth since it was a pain to have it in your mouth and because such a tooth did not look good. However, these days, just because a tooth shows the above mentioned symptoms a dentist will not remove your tooth. There is a procedure to protect such a tooth.

You may have already heard about this procedure or you may have not. In any case, this article will try to fill you in with the details about root canal treatment Dubai, which lets you keep your tooth while getting rid of the pain.


The procedure is normally practised by almost every dentist. What basically happens here is this. The dentist first takes an x-ray of the affected tooth. That is to determine how much damage there is. Then, the dentist would proceed to remove the affected pulp and nerve of the tooth. Often they give a local anaesthesia to the patient before they begin the procedure. Once the dentist has removed the nerve and the pulp, the tooth is capped using a crown. Unlike other tooth related procedures, you may have to visit the dentist more than once since this procedure is a complex one.



The cost of root canal treatment is usually higher than the cost of a normal filling. Since it takes a lot of time from the dentist and a number of equipment is used in the procedure this cost can be justified. You may feel all that money is well spent because you get to keep your tooth. However, you can find out the prices and the service of several dental clinics before deciding the clinic you want to visit. Remember highest price does not always mean they give the best service.

After Care

Some clinics tend to provide care even after the procedure. For example, sometimes when someone goes through this process the tooth starts to turn black. To stop that from happening you need to use teeth whitening treatments. Some clinics provide this service as an after care service. Find out if that is available at the clinic of your choice.

As you can see, there is no need to lose a tooth to get rid of the pain anymore. You can keep the tooth while chasing away the pain.

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