Latest Global Tea Trends

People all around the world have become fans of tea consumption. As the world evolves, so does the trends that come with everything related. This includes tea trends as well. If we take a look back down memory lane, you would see that tea habits of people are much different now than those of the past. Below are some of the latest trends related to tea, which have been introduced in the recent past.

Tea like you’ve never tasted before

As much as tea is loved by the globe, so is coffee. How would like to taste both in one cup? Yes, it has now become an option thanks to the latest trends of tea. The market has been blessed with a variety of coffee inspired teas which carry many health benefits along with an exotic touch to it. This is done by way of using lattes and mochas which contain a blend of both tea and coffee, thereby giving the taste that you’ve always dreamed of. For instance, Earl Gray Lattes and Hazelnut Rooibos Tea Lattes are two of coffee inspired teas.


Chill with tea

While Europeans, mainly the British prefer the consumption of tea as a hot beverage, about 85% of the USA is more drawn to iced tea. Iced tea varies from many flavours such as fruity teas to even exotic tasting teas. This is a great example for innovation with tea, where the tea industry has been able to cater to different markets according to their preference. Although this may not result you with best weight loss tea australia and slimming effects, it would bring about satisfaction to your taste buds with the variety of flavours available in the market.

An introduction to matcha

Has the concept of Green Tea become too main stream for you? Fear not; Matcha is a type of powdered tea which brings out even better health benefits than Green Tea. This is more efficient in providing organic detox tea weight loss than Green Tea. This can be now found in speciality drinks such as ChaLait Hot Chocolate which is slowly becoming popular among people.

Why not mix tea with daily food?

When you feel like you cannot get enough of tea, you can experiment food such as Green Tea Waffles and Earl Grey Gelatos which are flavoured under different types of tea.

You can clearly see how the world of tea has evolved from what it was to what it is now. Let your taste buds experience a new flavour of tea that goes with the above mentioned trends and become a part of the evolution of your favourite beverage, tea.

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