Multicultural Television: A Modern Tale

Television is an invention that revolutionized the world and the way in which people perceive entertainment. It allowed one to enjoy any form of ‘adventure’ or story, immerse oneself within it, and be a part of the characters themselves, all while residing comfortably within one’s own home. Visit Synapse Talent to gain idea about versatile voice over services.

The invention of the television also allowed people to experience new and previously unseen aspects of the world, including other cultures, certain parts of nature, and other people. More than any other factor, television has also brought people together, and enabled the development of more accepting society towards race and culture.

Multiculturalism in television may now be commonplace, but at its outset, racism played a factor, especially during to the transition from film to television. Segregation, although allowing black actors for the sole purpose of white people depicting their superiority, led to the development of movie theatres that were ‘whites only’ or ‘black/coloureds’.

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When the transition to television occurred, and with its rising popularity, segregation was dissolving. However, racism was still prominent, especially in plots and punch lines. Plots of TV shows usually depicted a black man as the villain and the white man as the hero, and punch lines of comedy shows made people laugh at the expense of ‘coloured’ culture.

However, as acceptance of integration began to grow, the racism in television reduced a great amount. Black, and coloured individuals in general, began to get leading roles in television shows and movies, and were accepted and appreciated as celebrities alongside their white counterparts. In fact, some of the most popular actors in television and movies today are people of colour.

Although blacks were better represented than other coloured people at first, development of the industry led to more complex story-lines, and as such, led to the need for more diverse a cast to correctly portray the events.

The Bollywood film industry as well as televisions industry has now risen as a worthy competitor to the Hollywood movie and TV industry, so much so that Bollywood movies are now quite popular in modern-day America. Indian voice over artists as well as subtitles have led the way for Bollywood to capture western audiences with their vibrancy.

Modern television is in fact a blend of many cultures. It is common nowadays to see an Asian, African American, White, and Middle Eastern actor all in the same programme, sometimes all within the same scene. Television shows now pay more attention to the use of multicultural and diverse actors from many parts of the world to carry out their task of correctly representing their stories to their audiences.

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