Selecting The Correct Running Shoes For Yourself

You’ve started to take your health seriously, and have convinced yourself to start running. The first thing you must do if you don’t have proper running shoes is heading to the store and selecting a pair for yourself. Trying a pair at the store, looking at them through the mirror, and taking a few steps might have convinced you that they are extremely comfortable, but its true colours come out only after you’ve run a few miles in them. You have to understand that the brand of the shoe has nothing to do with how you feel in them, rather it solely depends on the shape of your foot and style of your run. Given below are tips to choosing the best running shoes for you.

The shoe categories

There are a set of shoes designed to make the running on pavements easy, called the road running shoes. These are known for their lightness and flexibility, while providing the feet with a cushion, to allow the feet to perform better on fast runs on hard and smooth surfaces. Trail running shoes on the other hand, are what their name signifies. These shoes allow the runner to run off road, where there are rocks, mud and other obstacles along the way, while protecting the sole and offering a ton of stability. The cross training shoes on the other hand, are used by people who usually workout at the gym, and have stipulated and balanced activities, while having contact with the ground.

2Running style

Don’t be so quick to order running shoes from Le Coq Sportif online, when you have no idea about how you run. The best way to be able to gauge this, is by carefully inspecting one of your old, and well used pair of running shoes. If the sole of the shoe has been worn out from the middle and the heel, it is called pronation, and is a running style of professional runner. Over pronation, on the other hand is when the sole of the shoe has been worn out on the inside edges of the shoe. This running style is said to cause more knee and joint injuries to runners’ overtime.

Running shoes

Now once you’ve figured out your running style, you can start buying shoes from men sportswear online store, Nike or even Adidas. There are different type of shoes that will suit your running style, such as neutral shoes, cushioned shoes and stability shoes. Neutral shoes, preferred by pronators, provides runners with extra shock absorption and support. Whereas, cushioned shoes tend to be more cushioned than any other traditional shoes worn. Stability shoes on the other hand who have mild over pronation.

Tips for shoe fit

The different shoes you buy from various manufacturers do not always come in the exact sizes. Even though a 37 in Nike fits you perfectly, it does not necessarily mean a 37 of an Adidas will fit you. Therefore it is best to measure the size of your feet before going to purchase your shoes. Make sure you buy shoes at the end of the day when you’ve finished all your activities. This is because feet tend to swell up during this time, and it will stop you from purchasing shoes that are too small for you.

If you want to keep running for longer periods of time without damaging your knees or your joints, make sure you research and buy shoes that support your feet and running style.

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